Termite Management Systems

Termite Management Systems

Option 3, a termite barrier, is one of many solutions offered by Ace Termite and Pest Solutions

Termite Management Systems are used to protect the home against termites for up to eight years. A Termite Management System involves trenching around the perimeter of the home and drilling small holes through external paths and slabs to form a completely treated zone around the home.

A Termite Management System is a continuous liquid treated zone installed in the soil around the perimeter of your home. Termites will then have to travel through the treated zone before entering the house. We use Termidor in all Termite Management Systems. Termidor is undetectable to termites so termites will pick up a lethal dose of Termidor if they pass through it. It will begin to affect the termites within 8-21 days, allowing the product to spread back to the nest and affect the other termites. Termites and the colony will then be eliminated before they can gain access to your home.

The cost of a Termite Management System will vary, but is usually between $2,000 and $3,500 for a small to large home. This cost will usually include an option 1 treatment if termites are in the home. The chemicals used are also non-repellents designed to kill the termite nest by transferring product back to the nest.

The termite treatment cost for a Termite Management System will usually be $500 cheaper if a repellent chemical is used. This is not recommended as it won’t transfer back to the nest.

A Termite Management System will provide long-term termite protection as long as it is installed properly with absolutely no short cuts.

The success of a Termite Management System is reliant on the installation procedure. It’s important to have the trenches dug 100 mm below the footing and chemical applied at 10 L per lineal metre.

  • Flow meters must be used to ensure 10 litres is installed per metre.
  • Drill holes must be no more than 200 mm apart in concrete paths
  • Tree roots against wall edges under soil must be removed
  • Certificate of treatment must be installed to certify all works have been done in accordance with Australian Standards.

If your home is on a flat slab and a reasonably flat block, chances are your home will be best suited to a Termite Management System.

Termite Management Systems, once done with a non-repellent chemical such as Termidor, will protect your home for five to eight years. The only cost is a yearly termite inspection to ensure there are no conducive conditions that will weaken the treatment zone. A Termite Management System usually costs between $2,000 – $3,500.


Use a reputable company that is licensed and insured


Use a company that doesn't outsource to contractors


Use a company that issues a written warranty

Ace Termite & Pest Solutions are accredited to install all types of termite treatment and control products. Using Ace Termite & Pest Solutions will ensure you get honest, upfront advice on the right termite treatment for your home or business, as we don’t favour one type of treatment over another. We are based on the Sunshine Coast and offer termite inspections and termite treatments throughout Caloundra, as well as other pest treatments and solutions.

Ace Termite & Pest Solutions guarantees professional and effective termite treatments which will last you up to eight years, using the most effective termite control product in the industry – Termidor.

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